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Beautiful views across the Caribbean Sea
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Fantastic places for diving and snorkelling

What shall we do today: diving, snorkelling, lounging, swimming or something else? Here are a few tips to help you with this luxurious problem:

Art and culture
Saba does have a museum: the Saba Museum. It is located in a nineteenth-century captain’s house and gives you a good impression of the island’s history. The collection comprises authentic chairs, engravings, paintings and lace. In the English Quarter there are characteristic, brightly coloured Sabanese cottages. This village centre is where the first English colonists established themselves.

Diving and snorkelling
The most popular diving location is the Saba National Marine Park with more than 36 unique diving areas. Each diving area has its own special underwater world that you can discover, from fairy-tale like coral reefs and historic wrecks to volcanic lava streams. As well as different types of coral such as fire coral, stony coral and brain coral there are also a huge amount of fish types, including the small-spotted dogfish, the tiger grouper and the parrotfish. For snorkellers, Well’s Bay is the place to be!

The untouched rain forest on Saba is breathtakingly beautiful. You can take fantastic walks through the Saba National Park, an area of some 43 hectares. Mount Scenery is the highest mountain in the Kingdom of the Netherlands at some 887 metres high and the largest place of interest on the island. You can reach the top and enjoy stunning panoramic views via the Mount Scenery Trail, stairs with 1064 steps.

In Hampshire Hotel – Queen’s Gardens Resort you can truly relax by the swimming pool with its sun veranda and outdoor bar. You can also have relaxing private yoga lessons and massages. 

Delicious fresh lobster, straight from the sea!

Queen's Gardens Restaurant
The term “local produce” has a different connotation in this restaurant than in a restaurant in the Netherlands. Because here, food caught fresher than fresh from the sea is of course an entirely different experience. Prepare yourself, because all the dishes are absolutely heavenly. Would you like fresh lobster or a perfect fish salad? The culinary feast starts here early in the morning with a fantastic à la carte breakfast that leaves nothing to be desired. From scrambled eggs to French toast: everything is available. For lunch and dinner you can also settle down here to enjoy the delicious food, everything fresh and home-made.

Ocean Bar/Lounge
Of course, there’s nothing better than drinking cocktails with a view of the Caribbean Sea and your loved one. The Ocean Bar/Lounge is surrounded by beautiful mango trees of more than a hundred years old. It has fantastic bar stools and comfortable lounge sofas. You can order cocktails, wine, fresh fruit juice, snacks and much more delicious food and drink. You can also enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner here. The bar/lounge is open from 9.00 am and closes at the same time as the restaurant.

Delicious fresh lobster, straight from the sea!
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Certificate of Excellence
5 of 5 stars
“Amazing Getaway”

My wife and I traveled to Saba for a 4-day trip and lucked out by basically being the only ones at the resort. The hotel staff are fantastic, the resort, while small, is perfect for the island, and the food was delicious. Biggest pros include the food, the accessibility to hiking, the rooms, the staff, and the view. In particular, the drinks and cheese plates were excellent for the price. The only area which could use improvement are stating the prices for dinner (sometimes it wasn't clear). Overall, I would highly recommend this resort for those willing to pay to get to Saba, those who are interested in active outdoor adventures or just escaping to a tiny yet friendly island.
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Pensacola, Florida
 of 5 stars
“unforgettable glimpse of paradise”

I have never been to a place that literally took my breath away. The owners arranged a taxi to bring us up to the hotel, which is located on a mountain in the rainforest. The view is just beautiful, overlooking the sea. The back of the hotel is covered in elegant greenery from the rainforest, flanking the restaurant. Upon arrival, the owner waited for us with welcome cocktails, and explained the hiking and diving sites around the island. She was very friendly and helpful. The staff got to know us quickly, and it felt more like staying with friends than at a hotel. Within a day, the bartender knew exactly what we loved to drink and made sure our glasses were never empty. As far as food, we really enjoyed that as well! Though the owner encouraged us to eat at other restaurants on the island, we decided to stay at the Queens restaurant for our last few nights. The Saban lobster is HUGE- !!!! Not too mention the attention to detail of flavour in all the dishes we tried. In the end, we have decided to book again for next year! We recommend this place for everyone.. it might take a lot to get there, but the trip is so worth it ! (not too mention the exciting plane ride to the worlds smallest airport). If you can't find happiness here, I don't know if its possible for you to be happy. can't WAIT to come back!
Athens, Georgia
 of 5 stars
“Simply amazing!”

Look no further if you are planning a trip to Saba! My husband and I traveled to the island from St. Martin for the second part of our honeymoon and stayed for five nights at Queens Gardens, and we immediately fell in love with the place! Claire and Hidde are wonderful hosts- as part of our honeymoon package, we did a snorkeling trip, glass art, and a spa session along with two special meals; we met with Claire upon arrival to plan out our stay. The staff is attentive, courteous, and truly makes sure your every need is met. The food is phenomenal and we had so much fun with Duco, the spirited bartender who has a hundred special gin and tonics up his sleeve! In terms of transportation on the island, we opted not to rent a car and this proved to be a good choice- just make sure you have cash for taxis. If you have a package through Queens your transportation to different excursions will be taken care of; most of the off site restaurants are on Windwardside which is about a $10-13 cab ride depending on time of day. You can walk to The Bottom but all other spots on the island you need to travel by car. The hiking and snorkeling were fantastic! We aren't divers, but if you dive, this is the spot for you. Overall, we loved our stay on Saba and look forward to returning some day, and if you book a stay at Queens you will not be disappointed!
Toronto, Canada
 of 5 stars
“Truly Special”

After flying in to St Maarten, my wife and I wanted to spend some time on the less commercialised neighbour island of Saba. I was there for some Scuba, but to tell you the truth, I liked as much the idea of a small peaky lush island sticking it’s head out of the ocean, with “the world’s most dangerous airport” and heart stopping roads. While this is not a review of the island, I should point out that Saba is a very special place. It is small, but it has enough restaurants to last you a week or so, and the overall quality of the food and hotels is quite high. The hiking was very nice, particularly the lush side which at times was right out of Jurassic park, only rivalled by perhaps the cloud forests of Costa Rica (albeit much much smaller). Anyway, enough out the island. The queens Gardens is on the far side of the island from the airport. Perhaps 20 minutes away. While technically it’s in the town of “the bottom”, it actually sits above the bottom, at around 1000 feet above sealevel (it’s not 1000 feet up from the “bottom town”, rather 1000 ft from sealevel). The hotel is nestled maybe half way to the highest peak of the island and is comprised of two main buildings with rooms, I think 4 or 5 stories. Between the two is a courtyard overhung by a few towering mango trees. The courtyard is used for outdoor dining, and even has a nice elevated “tree house” for dining if you want an even nicer view of the valley (with two peaks, the ocean, and the town below). The adjacent dining room is quite nice, finished off in a regal/antique sort of feel with large doors that can be opened to catch the breeze. Below this level is the bar. And below that is a decent sized pool with loungers that allow you to look up at the mountain, watching the clouds form against the top of the mountain. Very beautiful. There is also a nice looking spa (from the outside, we did not try it). We were initially in a room the second from the top. The room (apartment?) itself was quite large, divided into a seating area, a work area, a TV area, a “hot tub room”, a bathroom and a large master bedroom with a four poster bed. Each apartment has an entire level to itself. There are lots of windows, and the living area itself has large nearly floor to ceiling sliding windows that allow the outside in. The hot tub was also rather special. It was probably a 4 or maybe 6 person tub that opened internally to the living room and hallway, but more interestingly, it opened to the outside. Not quite an infinity pool, but almost. Imagine sitting in a hot tub, leaning out, looking down into the valley. Very nice. The bed, as I recall, was decently comfortable. A tad on the “springy side”, which they tried to make a little softer for us with a topper of some sort (might have been blankets under the fitted sheet). But not bad at all. The shower was pretty light in pressure, particularly weak on the top floor. The service was great. During our time, it had the feel of a place that knows how to do it right. Friendly, but not invasive. Helpful, but not ingratiating. Quick to solve any small day to day problems (need a taxi? Need a map? Need a reservation? Etc) We ate a couple of breakfasts, and two dinners. The food was very good. The egg’s Benedict was great. We were interested in trying something Dutch Indonesian and was happy to see Nasi Goring on the menu (or was it Baumi goring?). The co-owner was from Indonesia and had this one dish on the menu. I quite liked it (8/10). My understanding is that the kitchen here is one of the best on the island (probably top 2) The pool was nice, but not the clearest looking I’ve seen. I don’t think it was dirty per se (no smell or debris), but I suspect that they limit the chemicals. I swam in it once and no issues. For those that like hiking, there is a trail to Windward side across the road. It’s a moderately difficult trail that requires a good amount of stamina to make it up the first part, but the rest is pretty mild. The trail that goes to the lush side of the island is almost at the end of the road if you continue up the road. If you chose to do that trail, you will need directions as it’s a little hard to find. Plus you will want a taxi to meet you at the other end of the trail which is over by the airport. We hiked the other way which I think works better (you end at your hotel). By the way, don’t worry about the taxis. There may only be 5 drivers on the island, they are all fair, friendly, and pick you up when they say they will. If you are a decent conversationalist, you will probably get to know them while you are there. In concept, this place is amazing. In practice, almost amazing. It was a place I wanted to hang out longer. To try more food and chill more. But there are somethings that any truthful review should mention. I think the hotel is approaching a refresh. While the rooms feel like they are filled with antiques, the truth is they are getting a little beaten up. Not bad, or shabby. In fact, you will probably go in the room like I did and initially find it charming and homey and be blown away. But after a while, you will notice that the table leg is scratched, or the TV hutch has some damage, etc. I think a little fresh paint, and a little touch up and it would not be noticed. Similarly, they had some problems with our hot tub, and after struggling to fix it they were nice enough to move us to the top floor (the room above). This room was in much better condition and (if possible) had an even nicer view. Ironically, this room also had a problem with the hot tub which they promptly fixed, and even were decent enough to compensate us for at checkout without us asking. For nature lovers, the tree frogs really go at it at night So, overall, this is a great place. Almost everyone would love it, however if you are a perfectionist, you will find issues. But with great service, great location, great food, most will have no problem overlooking some small issues. This is not a “chain” resort with faceless owners. This is a privately run hotel, where you will likely be interacting with the owner on a day to day basis, and that makes a real difference. I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone

A tropical fairy-tale wedding on Saba

Your wedding day should be unforgettable and above all hassle-free. This is one of the most important days of your life and also one of the best. That’s why it's very important that all your wishes are taken into account, from the ceremony to the wedding night, so that, together with your family and friends, you can enjoy the day to the full. Hampshire Hotels are happy to help you organise your wedding right down to the last detail.

Official wedding venue : Yes
Maximum number of reception guests : 200
Maximum number of dinner guests : 100
Maximum number of party guests : 100
Outdoor party possibilities : Ja
Bridal suite available : Yes
Number of rooms : Ja
Entertainment management service : Yes
Wedding cake service : Yes
Flower-arranging service : Yes

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To Saba for business? That’s a pleasure!

It’s certainly no hardship if you have to be on the Antillean island of Saba for business. And absolutely not if you stay in Hampshire Hotel - Queen’s Gardens Resort. In addition to twelve luxury, spaciously laid-out suites, the resort also has extra services for business guests, such as free WI-FI throughout the resort, shuttle service to and from the airport, extensive room service, concierge service and private dining service.

Meetings in tropical style
There is only one professional meeting accommodation to be found on Saba, and that is the Queen’s Gardens Resort – Hampshire Classic meeting room. The room has space for up to thirty people and is provided with air-conditioning, overhead projector, flip chart, slide projector, television and laptop with projector. Meeting package deals are available on request, including lunch, dinner and/or an overnight stay.

Attractive meeting deals from € 0,00 p.p.

Hampshire Hotels has compiled a number of attractive meeting deals for you. All required services are included and the price is per person. Nice and simple!

These are average prices and subject to availability.

All prices are including VAT and for a minimum of 8 persons.

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