Multi-talented humanoid robot
The charming and likeable robot Hugo speaks nineteen languages, has two cameras, and is fitted with face recognition software that enables it to remember guests for up to six months. The 57-centimetre tall robot greets visitors staying at the hotel and can perform a number of reception tasks, such as handing guests their key cards. Hugo can tell guests how to get to a museum by tram or how much they need to pay for the taxi to Schiphol Airport. And besides amusing children in the lobby, the robot can also chair meetings or give PowerPoint presentations.

Hotel robot Hugo will not replace human personnel
 “We try to give every hotel guest a welcoming and enjoyable experience," says Etienne Verkerk, managing Director of Hampshire Hotels. “We always like to keep up with the latest developments, but Hugo will definitely not replace human personnel.” Hugo is a welcome colleague that will assist at reception, in conference rooms or in the lobby. “We closely monitor technical innovations that we can use in the hotel sector. Hugo is an important link in the global development of humanoid robots. There are other possible uses that may not yet be obvious but will become more evident when we start using the robot. The more we interact and communicate with the robot the smarter it becomes, and that helps us give our guests a unique experience!”       




New Hampshire Hotels employee can be controlled remotely
Hugo is equipped with a battery, four microphones, two speakers, LED lighting and a speech system. The robot has a Linux operating system and processors in its head and body. Images registered by the two cameras in the robot’s head are displayed on a laptop monitored by a Hampshire employee. When a hotel guest asks the robot a question for which there is no pre-programmed answer, the employee monitoring the laptop can type in the answer, which Hugo will then relay to the guest.

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