Our history

The Hampshire Hospitality hotel group originated in 2001. In the years that followed, the group's name recognition grew enormously, reaching the milestone of 20 hotels in just seven years. In 2011, the Eden Hotel Group took over the Hampshire Hospitality group with Etienne Verkerk as General Manager and Léon Dijkstra – son of Sjoerd Dijkstra – as supervisory director.

“Dare to surprise, to give just that little bit more, to start a new day full of energy and with pleasure – all in style. When I look at a day at one of the Hampshire Hotels, and at the colleagues in the hotels, these are things that immediately stand out to me. Something I see with great pride. Hampshire is more than just a hotel: guests feel at home, but with extra comfort, attention and pampering.”

Etienne Verkerk

At the end of 2016, Léon Dijkstra became general manager of Hampshire Hotels and then announced that he would stop with the franchise formula. A split follows: The Dijkstra family's own hotels will continue in 2018 under the name Eden hotel Group, the Franchise branch will be taken over by the owners of Hotel Avenarius in Ruurlo and Hotel 's Gravenhof in Zutphen.

Today, Arnold Labohm and Bob Olde Olthof are continuing the Hampshire brand.
They have also been operating Hampshire Hotel – Avenarius in Ruurlo for over 25 years and since 2014 Hampshire Hotel – 's Gravenhof Zutphen.

Hampshire Hotels, a characteristic & various Dutch hotel group. The hotels are all unique because of their special locations. Hotels in nature, in old towns or located in a beautiful park, with all the beautiful features of the Netherlands. Their common values ​​are culinary ambition and personal involvement. All hotels are family owned and that involvement is noticeable. The guest journey is full of touch moments. A warm welcome, a small token of appreciation for each guest, culinary delights and so on. Don't be surprised if the hotel owner is there to meet you in person.

You are always “More than Welcome”