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10 most frequently asked questions

+Is it possible to stay overnight with three adults in one room?

You can indicate during booking how many people you wish to stay in one room. The maximum number in most cases is three adults, except for family rooms.

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+I don’t have a credit card. How should I book?

If you don’t have a credit card, you can book the hotel concerned by telephone or e-mail.

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+What is included in the room rate?

Under the heading ‘Rooms & Rates’ on the hotel page you will find an overview of the rates and what is and is not included in the price.

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+Is there (free) Wi-Fi available in the hotel?

The Wi-Fi facilities differ per hotel. Information about the availability of Wi-Fi in public areas, rooms and meeting rooms can be found on the hotel page under the heading ‘Facilities’.

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+Can I change or cancel my booking online?

You can cancel or change your booking via the ‘Login’ button at the top of each page or via this page. In order to change or cancel your booking you will be asked to give the e-mail address with which the booking was made as well as the booking number. The booking number can be found in the booking confirmation.

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+When do I need to pay for the booking?

This depends on the chosen rate. The Best Available (Flexible) Price only needs to be settled in the hotel. Special rates such as early booking discounts, last-minute campaigns or non-refundable rates for which no reimbursement is possible, should be settled prior to your stay.

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+Where can I share my experiences?

You can share your experiences regarding your stay in a particular Hampshire Hotel on TripAdvisor.com. Of course, you can also provide us with feedback by e-mail. You should use info@hampshire-hotels.com for this.

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+How do I contact Hampshire Hotels?

Do you have a question about a price, package deal or facility for a particular hotel? Then please contact the hotel; you can find the telephone number on the hotel page. Do you have general questions about Hampshire Hotels? Then please contact info@hampshire-hotels.com and consult the contact page for more contact details.

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+Does this website guarantee the lowest room rate?

This website offers the ‘Best Available Price Guarantee’ on all bookings. This means that we guarantee you the lowest price for the same rate, room type and period. For further information about this guarantee we refer you to the page about “Best Available Price Guarantee”.

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+We have children. Can an extra bed be placed in the room?

In most Hampshire hotels it is possible to have an extra child’s bed in the room. The charge for this differs per hotel. We advise you to contact the desired hotel for more information.

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