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Guest reviews

+ Where do the reviews on this website come from?

The reviews displayed on this website come from This is an independent international website where guests can share their experiences, without interference or control by the hotel.

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+ Are the reviews on this website trustworthy?

Hampshire Hotels has no influence on the reviews that are displayed on the website. The reviews displayed come directly from and have been placed by Hampshire Hotels’ guests. The reviews cannot be deleted or altered by Hampshire Hotels.

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+ Where can I share my experiences?

You can share your experiences regarding your stay in a particular Hampshire Hotel on Of course, you can also provide us with feedback by e-mail. You should use for this.

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+ How should I make a comment or complaint?

At Hampshire Hotels we do everything to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Should something occur that is not entirely to your wishes, or you have tips about how we could further improve our services, we would be pleased to hear this from you. It is best to contact the hotel concerned about this. Of course you can also contact Hampshire Hotels via the contact page on this website.

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